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Posted By Admin on 04/27/18 - Bookmark Top Escorts In London

If you had the opportunity to ask an experienced west london escort a few questions, what would they be? How they got started? What’s it really like to work as a professional escort these days?

To shed a little light on a subject most are more curious about than they’d likely admit, we asked working west london escort a series of questions about her everyday life and experience of the industry to date.


How did you get into this line of work?

Completely by accident. The first time I slept with someone for money I wasn’t actually an escort. I was hanging out in a bar and spent the night with some random people I met, which eventually lead to a man I wouldn’t normally have slept with offering me money to go back to his place for half an hour. I wasn’t immediately won over by the idea, but figured I might as well. He had a great time, I had a great time, I needed the cash and there was zero guilt for either of us. So I started wondering if I could make a career out of it.


What was your first arranged meeting like?

Nowhere near as awkward or weird as I expected. I signed up with an agency and they gave me plenty of freedom to choose who I did and didn’t want to do business with. I attracted more interest and offers than I thought I would, so I was pretty selective at the start. I’ve talked with loads of escorts and most say the same thing – the first meeting feels like a blind date. It also played out a lot like a date – we spent the evening talking and getting to know each other, enjoyed a nice dinner and went back to his place for ‘dessert’.

What’s your typical client like?

I don’t have one. I always thought there was one specific type of client I’d prefer over others. It turns out variety is what keeps the job interesting. I meet all kinds of people – lonely singles, happy and unhappy men in relationships, couples looking to spice up the action in the bedroom and so on. I’ve literally received just about every proposition you can think of. Like I said, I was pretty selective at the start, but these days I tend to be a lot more open minded and experience as many different things as I can.


Is it awkward collecting the money at the end of the meeting?

Not really. I suppose because the rate is agreed in advance and most of my clients leave the cash in an envelope for me to pick up at any time I choose to. It’s not like I have to ask them to pay me or stand there counting the cash in front of them. Plus, I quite like waiting until I’ve left to see how much they’ve tipped me. I don’t want to tempt fate but I’ve never been short-changed…yet!


How do you cope if you don’t find a client attractive?

This line of work isn’t primarily about animal magnetism and physical favours. It’s about making people feel like they’re the only person in the world for the duration of the meeting. Just because you don’t find somebody physically attractive doesn’t mean you can’t be completely selfless and show them the time of their life. Of course, performing sexual favours on someone you aren’t physically attracted to can be a strange experience at first. But it doesn’t take long before you get used to it. It’s a bit like being nice to somebody you hate – anyone can do it, it just takes effort.

Are you not worried about STDs?

Not at all, because I never have and never will have sex with a client without using a condom. Actually to be honest, I don’t think the opportunity would ever arise anyway. The vast majority of the clients I work with are just as cautious and careful as I am, if not more. I also undergo regular health checks and blood tests to be extra-safe, so STDs are completely out of the question for me.


Do your friends and family approve?

The ones that I’ve told do, but it’s not like I’ve told everyone what I do for a living. Trust me – most escorts don’t tell their parents what they get up to at work! I’m proud of what I do and take real pleasure in being an escort, but I don’t want to put other people in an awkward position. So if I don’t think they’re the right person to tell, I don’t tell them. People can be surprisingly supportive though.


What about your own private relationships?

I personally don’t see how it would be possible to work as an escort and have a deep and meaningful private relationship at the same time. I know a lot of people say they do, but I genuinely don’t understand how. You spend much of your life fawning over complete strangers and running yourself ragged to make them happy. Plus, all the physical stuff that accompanies it. How can you then hold down a normal relationship outside work? Not that it matters, I’m not interested in a relationship for the time being anyway.


How long do you intend to remain an escort?

I have no idea – I didn’t plan to become one in the first place! I know I can’t do this forever, I’ll probably quit when I decide it’s time to settle down. I know a lot of escorts who plan on stacking up bags of cash and retiring by the time they’re 35. That’s not my plan, I intend to keep working in one capacity or another.


You mean another job after escorting?

Yes – I’m studying for a law degree right now and giving serious thought to getting into the profession full time. I’d certainly make a good choice for escorts and escort agencies who run into legal issues from time to time!

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